New Songs of the Old West Publishing/Superfluous Umlaut Records

Brent Jacobs and Matt Hudgins circa 2012

New Songs of the Old West Publishing is an artist-based music publisher with offices in Marietta, Georgia and College Grove, Tennessee founded by Brent Jacobs and Matt Hudgins in 2020. Their catalog represents a wide variety of music and songs suitable for placement in film, television, video games and other commercial media.

Superfluous Umlaut Records was founded in 2003 by Matt Hudgins and after a decade-plus of dormancy was revived in partnership with Brent Jacobs in 2020. The initial slate that year includes several re-releases available for digital download and streaming for the first time as well as two new EPs. Moving forward the label hopes to partner with both established musicians looking to branch out from their established brands and writers interested in driving narrative and establishing setting through song.

Matthew j hudgins at gee male dot com

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