Upcoming releases, December 2020

Superfluous Umlaut and New Songs of the Old West are excited to announce the release of a new single by Matt Hudgins, “New Year’s Day, S.D.” on December 29, 2020 to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee. The song was written by Hudgins and Brent Jacobs and tells the story of a U.S. soldier in the aftermath of his participation in the massacre.

As a white male I thought it was important not to try and speak on behalf of the native victims of this violent tragedy, but expressing the shame of a perpetrator and benefactor of that violence felt natural. I do in fact feel shame over this part of our nation’s history, and know I have benefitted from the systems built on such violence against marginalized people.

Matt Hudgins

Also included in the release is the B-side “I’m Not The Ocean,” a cut-and-paste mix of acoustic loops, electronic elements and vocal harmonies written by Hudgins. Both songs were engineered and mixed by Matt Hudgins and mastered by Kyle Spence.

Additional scheduled upcoming releases include the single “Amor, La Puta Perra” by Matt Hudgins & His Shit-Hot Country Band, due out Valentine’s Day 2021. Written by Hudgins and TJ Machado the song represents the band’s and label’s first foray into the Spanish-language market and previews a new full-length by MH&HSHCB entitled “Prehumous,” due late 2021.

Published by Matt Hudgins

Entrepreneur in cutting-edge, high-return industries including: poetry and songwriting; independent publishing and record labelling; organic micro-agriculture and home fermentation.

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